Monday, June 18, 2007

Quietness in the Woods

How do you describe about quietness? It's not easy --- but a picture says a thousand words. Our mountain retreat provided respite from a busy week. Brent's very best "Father's Day" choice was a trip to the cabin. . .so off we went. Yesterday Brent installed a steel door in the woodshed and storage building that he is working on. The changes that take place from week to week on the mountain are interesting to observe. The meadow is abloom in different flowers than it was earlier this spring. The predominant colors are red, white, and yellow right now. The maidenhair ferns are growing in "Fern Triangle" --- and the meadow is starting to show touches of beige as the days warm up and the grasses dry. Our road shows signs of much rain washing through ruts and edges last week. We discovered that our mountain next-door-neighbors have been busy logging the woods next to ours, leaving branches and ruts in their wake. A walk through the our woods was a time of searching for signs of bear, coyote, deer, and elk. And deer were seen in abundance as we drove home; they grazed the pea fields that are in full blossom and thriving green! Hmmmm, it seems words did come, as I focused on memories of yesterday and the quietness it brought to my heart and soul. God is good!

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  1. Great pictures....and your descriptions are wonderful.
    yes...God is Good


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