Saturday, June 02, 2007

The Genus Lavandula

Since the season of lavender is upon us, I thought it would be enjoyable to share a few more of my favorite lavender books with you. The first is one I purchased at Pelindaba Lavender Farm on San Juan Island. This book, called The Genus Lavandula, is a very comprehensive and authoritative account of lavenders. It focuses on their worldwide importance as garden plants and a mainstay of the aromatherapy and perfume industries.

Beautiful color paintings, drawings, and photographs depict characteristics of the many varieties of this plant. This book contains about anything you would want to know about lavender! It thoughtfully describes 39 species, their hybrids and nearly 400 cultivators, telling about taxonomy, distribution, history, cultivation, propagation, pests, and diseases. This book is a great reference for gardeners, botanists, and those interested in the aromatic scent of this beloved plant.

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  1. Thanks for sharing these books. I've been looking for a birthday present for my lavender-loving sister. I think I've found it here!


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