Wednesday, June 27, 2007

It's Summer Time!

It's summer time! The end of June marks the official beginning of summer and hot weather! Life is always busy in the summer, as the pace of school and work changes for our family. Brandon and Rylan are working for Brent this summer. So far, so good --- as having "Dad" as the boss can sometimes be intricate. But, other summers have passed peacefully this way, so the same is expected for this one as well. They are pleased to have a break from their studies.

As spring passes and we await mid-summer, the wheat fields are turning from vibrant green to a lovely amber color. It won't be long and the combines will be harvesting and trucks will be hauling to nearby grain elevators. It's all a part of the passage of the seasons --- each year becomes somewhat predictable as common sights and actions are incorporated into the flow of daily life.


  1. My! You sure were busy blogging tonight! I enjoyed reading through all the entries. Everything looks so pretty and delicious!

  2. Beautiful photo and enjoyed catching up with all the goings on at your place

  3. I almost want to stop reading, and say "no" to spring ending! But each season is a gift.
    Love all the blueberries below!

  4. Lovely photo and OH...those berries in the last post - yummy!
    Enjoy SUMMER!

  5. Lovely pictures, and I really like what your wrote about the passage of seasons- very true, but I just wish we could slow it all down a bit.

  6. Oh my, such a beautiful site. So surreal!


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