Friday, June 15, 2007

Mr. Farmer and the Farmer's Daughter gave us each a delightful glass of iced lavender lemonade when we arrived. It was gentle hospitality. I was most impressed when I saw Mr. Farmer adding a sprig of fresh lavender to each glass. The lavender lemonade was served from a large, clear glass jar with a stemware goblet next to it, filled with lavender sprigs for garnishing.
Their method of charging for any lavender cut was interesting and one I hadn't seen before. Usually it's sold by handful or bundles, but this farm family sells their lavender by basket. Lined up along the shop wall were baskets of all sizes. The smallest (pictured) had a tag that said $3.00. Others went from there to $40.00. The customer selects the basket for the amount they would like and are given a cutter. From there they are free to go into the field and cut the amount and type of lavender they desire. Although we have lots of lavender at home, we purchased a small basket for the fun of it (and out of courtesy).

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  1. I would love to visit a lavender farm some day. The lavender tea looked so refreshing. Very pretty picture with the basket.


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