Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Tulips in a Teacup

The tulips in a teacup tea towel is being sent away today as a gift for a blogging friend. It comes with best wishes and will surprise someone soon! I hope it makes your tea time prettier!


  1. So cute....did you draw it....
    Do you have a favorite source for patterns?
    btw..headed to wal-mart tomorrow...
    To finally START.....
    Can't wait

  2. I've just been catching up on all your lovely recent posts, your cabin in the mountains looks idyllic even in a storm. I didn't realise there were so many books on lavender available, it is a wonderful plant though for so many reasons, it isbeautiful to look aty, has a wonderful scent and is immensely useful as a medicinal herb.In fact it has just about everything.

  3. Hi, Ladonna, it's been a few days since I caught up with you so I had to go back & look at all your cabin pics & mountain vistas. What beautiful pics you took, it sounds devine. I love the mountains too...a close 2nd to the beach.

    I should know where you live, but now I realize I don't...what state that is? Your scenery is so pretty.

    Southern Hospitality

  4. Anonymous4:36 PM

    Adorable. I'm sure the recipient will be thrilled!

  5. How pretty !
    You do such lovely work. I am sure this tea towel will put a big smile on the persons face when they get it.

  6. Well...my towels have been just washed...into the dryer...then pressed...ideas are taking over my mind...I feel like such a novice...I am....the floss has been bought as well as needles,hoops...etc......
    Will let you know...

  7. I can't believe it that this tea towel is now in my house. It flew 6,782 miles :-) Thank you!


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