Friday, December 22, 2006

The Castle Cairn "Tilting Teapot"

The Castle Cairn "Tilting Teapot" has been replicated by the owners of the shop that the owners call by the same name. According to information they give, in 1905 the Scottish Earl of Dundonald invented a "tilting teapot" for the optimum brewing of loose-leaf teas. The good Earl christened it the SYP teapot, which he said stood for "Simple. . .yet perfect".

The teapot is made so that it can stand 'tipped' or in an upright position. A small infusion shelf is about 3/4 of the way to the top. When filled with hot water, the teapot is then laid in the 'tipping' position, steeping the tea leaves on the infusion shelf that acts as a dam, thus preventing the leaves from floating into the majority of the hot water below. After infusing, the teapot is tilted back on it's base and left to drain for a minute or two. It's then ready to pour and enjoy. The tea leaves stay on the infusion tray, ready for second pot? A second infusion can be gained by simply pouring more hot water.

Although the original "Tilting Teapot", circa 1970, costs about $400.00, the owners of this shop have recreated a more affordable version for daily use. If you'd like to know more, their website is:

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