Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Roses & Teacup

A group of ladies from an online tea list called ATAA enjoy participating in an embroidered tea towel swap each month. This is a tea towel that I stitched for Val recently. It is a Pieceable Dry Goods design that I have altered to roses rather than daisies. The green trim and lace is handstitched to give this tea towel a little more 'perk'. I hope Val enjoys using it for her tea parties!


  1. Anonymous8:46 PM

    I love these towels. I have three of LaDonna's "signature" posey teacups, and just love them.
    They will have a special memory of my friend, LaDonna, from ATAA.

  2. Thank you, Val. I enjoyed stitching them for you very much. I enjoyed the ones you sent me also. I tried my best not to duplicate the posey's in the teacups. . .I hope I didn't. :) I have a thing about sets. . .I love them. . .so made you a set of three different posey tea towels so you could enjoy them at teas; alike yet different. Thanks for your comment. So nice to see you here.

  3. Thank you, Paula, for your kind words. Although the tea towel patterns are simple, I enjoy creating them and like the addition of the trims to go with the pattern. Embroidery, photography, and collecting recipes are SO theraputic! Please check back again.

  4. Anonymous5:54 AM

    I love seeing your tea towels. Thanks you for so graciously sharing many parts of your life with me. I look forward to your blog almost everyday. I am wondering if the tea towel designs are available somewhere. I found you from ATAA. Sally from Illinois

  5. Sally, thank you for visiting my blog and for your kind words. The tea towels have been a real work of 'heart' and I've enjoyed the ATAA tea towel exchange SO much! Most of the patterns I have used are original designs from a shop that is out of business. I've embellished and changed their patterns to fit my needs. They aren't available. Email me personally through ATAA and we can chat more.


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