Monday, May 22, 2006

Twin Pines

I love trees and thought these twin pines were pretty. Although our forest is full of trees, we treat them with respect and TLC. One year we decided to cut a live tree from our property for our Christmas tree. It was a heart-wrenching experience, as we discovered that we did not want to cut any of them down! We settled on a scrawny, little thing and the next year we purchased a tree-farm evergreen instead. So, I was really sad yesterday to discover that someone decided to scout the forest for their own Christmas tree last winter and found a large, beautiful tree on our property. It was near the road and was stately and tall. They chopped it down, decided it was way too large, so they took the top and left the rest beside the road. What a waste! Next year we'll be sure to have signs up that say "No Tree Cutting", but we're not certain it will make a difference. They ignored the private property signs, so will probably ignore the no tree cutting signs as well.

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  1. how sad about the cut tree. Maybe a sign will help. Do you think they thought your land was BLM land ?


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