Friday, May 19, 2006

A Shelter in a Time of Storm

Before the storm I was planting herbs and flowers into pots on the back deck. The process was orderly and organized. . .until the storm arrived. Sheets of rain seemed to be coming down sideways. The flower pot filled with water was empty before the storm passed through. Twigs, branches, dirt, leaves, and water really messed up the clean porch!


  1. Looks like you were busy before the storm. Did you loose electricity at all ?

  2. We didn't, but many others in surrounding communities did. Even traffic lights were affected by the storm.

  3. Anonymous5:40 PM

    I'm thankful that you weren't affected any worse than this. It could have been way worse. The angels must have been watching over you. Seventy miles per hour is really heavy winds. The mess will take awhile to clean up...but, you will clean it up soon. Glad the trees are ok.


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