Friday, May 31, 2013

A Jazzy Cream Tea

Sedona, Arizona is known for beautiful red rocks and sunshine. That's how it usually is when we pass through, but the last time we were there we were blessed with a sparkling cover of sticky, white snow. What beauty! It was a chilly day, so a cup of hot tea was in order! Following the instructions of Americana (which is whom we call the voice of our vehicle GPS) we found the local tea room.

The Jazz Bouquet is a combination florist shop and tea cafe. It was a beautiful combination of two  delightful things --- flowers and tea! The shop proprietress is Kim, a gifted florist who added tea to the shop after she found some unique tables and chairs at a vendor show. An idea was born and a tea room was added to the floral shop. The aesthetic beauty and aroma of fresh flowers combines in such a charming atmosphere with scones, tea sandwiches, and fragrant hot tea. It is a friendly and relaxing place. It is truly a spa for the senses!

In addition to floral designs and afternoon tea, unique gift items are available throughout the shop. Kim features charming teapots, imported teas, European bath and beauty products, and high quality chocolates.

The decor was inviting, fresh, and clean. Interesting tea-words were featured as an upper border on all the walls. Prosperi-tea, Generosi-tea, and more gave food for thought while waiting for tea service.

Kim features Tea Forte. The presentation was a tea ceremony unto itself. Tea and accoutrement were presented beautifully on a white platter. A special teacup with cover was filled with water of the perfect temperature and set on an absorbant white napkin. A green ceramic stage was set beside the teacup and a packaged, silken pyramid of loose tea was arranged on the other side. A part of the process of enjoying this tea is the act of preparing it. The tea package is unwrapped and the pyramid goes into the teacup. Once steeped for the proper time, the silk tea bag is removed and placed on the green ceramic stage. A tiny, green, paper left works as a handle for the tea pyramid and fits right through the top of the lid. Such a simple detail creates charm and makes everything seem so ceremonious.

I ordered the cream tea, but Kim generously added a lovely tea sandwich on rye with dill and pickles. The scones were fabulous! A hotel chef with exotic training has retired to Sedona and comes in weekly to prepare scones for afternoon tea. They are frozen until ready to bake and serve (a common practice among tea shop owners). This way they are served fresh and hot out of the oven!

I enjoyed the presentation of tea with scones. The raised glass tray added interest and beauty to the table presentation.

According to their website, afternoon tea is served daily, between 2:00 and 4:00 by reservation. They serve "cream tea" which includes a scone with cream and fruit preserves, a "light tea" which includes two tea sandwiches, one canapé, and a scone with cream and fruit preserves, and "full tea" which consists of four tea sandwiches, one canapé, scone with cream and fruit preserves, and a selection of pastries. Additionally, elegant chocolates are available individually. The teas are a selection of many available from Tea Forte.

It was interesting to observe Kim arrange flowers as I enjoyed my cream tea. I felt it was unique and added to the experience.

Chocolates. Cookies! So many tempting, tasty treats!

All in all, this was a wonderful experience! The cream tea was beautifully presented and prepared to perfection. The ambiance could not be beat! It was inviting, modern, and welcoming. If you are ever in Sedona, I encourage you to stop by for a lovely cup of tea!


  1. What fun! Was The Pioneers filmed in Sedona? I'll be back...gotta check.

  2. I can find a lot of movies, but not that serries. It was on only briefly and my memory is not what it once was.


    You would not believe how I finally got here and I still don't know where it was filmed, but I don't think it was Sedona.

  4. I remember when you shared this wonderful place another time and I just wished I could step in there for tea. What a lovely shop and I still want to visit it.

  5. I was in Sedona once and it was before blogging so of course I don't have good documentation of it. I love how blogging has added a deeper dimension to visits. The tea looks lovely!

  6. Oh wowsers, La Tea Dah. That sounded like a FABULOUS place. And in Sedona, which should be designated one of the most beautiful wonders of the world. I LOVE Sedona! Great photos, too. Thanks for sharing. Susan

  7. What a fantastic idea! I've never heard of a combination florist and tea shop, but I absolutely love it! Looks like you had a delicious time there, and I liked seeing the presentation on the little cake plate too. I can do that! (I get the best ideas from fellow bloggers!)


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