Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Mini Yellow Roses & Snapdragons Bouquet

I hope you had a wonderful holiday week-end. Our family enjoyed a relaxing time together. The weather was breezy and cool. We even had several days of rain showers. This evening the rain stopped and the breeze was mild. It was so pleasant. I walked around the garden, looking at the flowers and how they have been growing and blooming. The yellow miniature roses drew me in. Although most of them are pure yellow, some have tinges of dark pink and a few are light cream-colored with pink shadowing the edges of the petals. I had to pick some to enjoy inside. 

I really wanted to arrange them with blossoming stalks of lavender. The hybrid lavenders are so perfect and pretty as they grow in bunches. But, I didn't really want to spoil the effect by picking any of them. Instead, I decided to pick some pretty orange and yellow snap-dragons to go with the roses.

Each rose is so different, yet each is perfect in its own way. I love observing how each petal spirals from a central point and how they flair in wider and larger semi-circles.

Arranging them was relaxing. I found a place to display them in the dining room where the family can view them all week long. I've enjoyed a cup of Adagio Yunnan Gold tonight as I edited photos and created this post. I hope you enjoy a wonderful week! May will be gracing us a few more days and then the warmer, sunnier days of June will appear. May your week be blessed with many good things!


  1. Very pretty flowers.

  2. Spoken like a true rose lover! Like you, I am just enamored of the rose's design, and I love how you arranged yours. I had been pondering another old-fashioned cottage garden type of flower I could add to my front garden, and you just gave me the perfect one: snapdragon! Thanks!

  3. Your bouquet is gorgeous! Isn't it wonderful to be able to wander in the garden with snippers (not sure this is a word) and bring in a bouquet. Love the vase too.

  4. Beautiful! I have a miniature tree rose in front of my big living room window - I can't bear to cut the blooms because it's so beautiful there. So glad you had a good weekend - we had a quiet one at home alone, working like crazy so we can go play soon!

  5. Hi, Love your bouquets! Snap dragons always remind me of my dad-he loved them and roses were my mom's favorite. You've got the perfect combo-both in flowers and colors, going.
    Have a great afternoon.
    Hugs, Noreen

  6. Such a lovely bouquet. The colors are warm and go so well together.

  7. So beautiful and your arrangement very artistic! ~Janice

  8. Very pretty arrangements, La Tea Dah. Love roses. They are the flower of romance. Susan


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