Saturday, May 25, 2013

Blogging Friends

White miniature roses with the first of this season's lavender.

I would like you to invite you to visit some of my blogging friends. I have two different listings of blogs that I enjoy. I think you might too! 

The first is a list at Tea Gracious Hospitality. The other is Friends of Gracious Hospitality. I've tried to include everyone who links to Gracious Hospitality or those who frequent my blog and leave a message telling me they've visited. Since blogging is a fluid and dynamic process, it may be that I have missed some favorite blogs unintentionally. . .or there may be a few broken links in the listing. If you'd like to be added to my blog roll, please leave me a message with this post. Alternatively, if you find a broken link that I've missed, let me know and I'll make necessary adjustments.

Thank you for visiting Gracious Hospitality! I am also happy to visit you! Just let me know where to find you!

Ruffly white miniature roses in a Shelley teacup.


  1. That was so sweet of you to list all your blog friends' sites, Linda. Thanks for doing that. Susan

  2. Now isn't that sweet!

  3. I have perused your list before but when I just did it again, I saw a few blogs I'd forgotten about!

    With Google Reader soon to be no longer available, I have a feeling I'm going to "misplace" some more blogs! Not those of friends but those I only read once in awhile.

  4. The list had many of same blogs I visit but I did find a new to me tea blogger.
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. I so enjoyed seeing your friends. Many of them are my friends - and I found a long-lost friend again. Thank you for sharing your friends with us. And I found me on the list - I wasn't surprised, dear friend.


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