Saturday, May 04, 2013

Tipping the Pansy Teacup

It's been fun sharing about pansies this week. They are such a friendly, expressive flower. Just looking at their happy faces makes me smile! I hope you've enjoyed learning about these garden friends. I have a few more things to share about pansies today. Today's post is a bit of an assortment of ideas related to pansies. Please bear with me and next week we'll start a new topic with a bit more clarity than what you're seeing here today.


Pansies are a subject that's photographed and painted fairly often. They can be found on stationary, gift wrap, or in magazines. Clip art of pansies can be found on the Internet as well. Here's a craft project with which you can use the pansy pictures you like (or color photocopy them so you don't destroy the original) to make stickers. Everyone loves stickers! They are fun for children and adults alike. They can be used to stick on envelopes, assignments, packages, and more.  Some people create entire journals or books filled with stickers!  Making your own stickers out of magazine pictures, wallpaper samples, gift wrap, or drawings is even more fun!  You can even use old greeting cards and family photos.

Homemade Stickers
Here's a recipe for this fun craft.

2 parts white glue
1 part white vinegar

1)  Create a sticker sheet by gluing pictures on an 8 x 11 sheet of paper or by sketching them on.  Color if desired.

2)  Photocopy on a color copy machine.

3)  Coat the entire back of the page with the white glue/white vinegar mixture.

4)  Allow page to dry completely.

5)  Apply a second coat of white glue/white vinegar mixture.  

6)  Allow page to dry completely.

7)  Using scissors, cut out pictures to create stickers.  Leave a small, white border around each picture.

8)  To use, moisten back of sticker and apply to page, envelope, or more.


And look! Yesterday when shopping for groceries at the supermarket, I saw the most recent issue of Martha Stewart Living. On the front cover was a cake decorated with pansies. How fun! I did not copy her with my series this week, but I wonder...did she copy me? Of course not, but it is fun to imagine. 

Pansies can be found in my bedroom too. This little bird's nest is hanging on the wall and little silk pansies add color and flair.

Above the bed is a watercolor painting of pansies. It was painted by my mother whose love for pansies was so genuine and deep!

Dad and Alma have been here to visit this week. Here's dad, tipping his pansy teacup to you! He's saying: "Hello, friends! I'm glad you've stopped by my daughter's blog today." Dad does not know a stranger. We went to town yesterday and he befriended everyone in his path.

Lastly, yesterday while shopping I came across two beautiful planters of pansies at a pretty art and decorating shop. They were abundant! Blooms were spilling over the sides of the planters. Such cheer! Such joy! Such delight!

Enjoy a happy and blessed day!


  1. Loving your pansy emphasis! So welcoming spring!

  2. love the pansies! Your dad looks so nice.
    Hope you have a great weekend.

  3. Pansies do make our hearts happy! I love the painting your mother did. I saw a pansy art project on another blog this week. She pressed fresh pansies between two sheets of watercolor paper, piled on a few books of magazines, and hammered all over the top. When you open up the paper you have an imprint of the flower, that is if it works. Part of mine worked and part just looked a mess. I will cut out the good part and make a few gift cards.


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