Friday, May 24, 2013

Flowers as Art

There are many objects that can be used for media when it comes to art. Flowers, with their variety in shape, color, and texture, come to mind when I get the urge to create something. Sometimes it is fun to experiment with new shapes and ideas. As a general rule, I feel most comfortable with traditional and symmetrical shapes, especially when it comes to flower arranging! But, with the beautiful flowers this May, I thought it might be time to try something a bit more challenging, so I ordered a floral frog and putty. What an experiment! I immediately learned of several things that I did wrong! But, since it is "art" I've decided to appreciate my first attempt and count it as a happy experiment. Arranging on a low plane changes the entire structure and formula for floral design. There's so much to learn, both artistically and mechanically.

But, although this arrangement has fatal flaws, I also appreciate the casual lines and the natural form and shape that flowers provide. Each kind has its own unique droop and flair. It didn't seem fair to try to coax them into a way that was unnatural to how they grew, so I let them be.

This picture replicates the effect that occurs when you squint your eyes and look at something in order to see what pops out at you! What do you see in this picture? Purple? Red? Or are they equal to you? My desire was that the red compliment the purple, but I really think it worked out to be the other way around.

Flowers represent such uniqueness. Just like human faces, each is special in its own way. I will keep working on my asymmetrical, floral frog arrangements until I get it right. But, just for fun I'm sharing my first attempt with you today. Breathe deeply and imagine the fragrance. See the colors, shapes and sizes. Look for radiation, repetition, and gradation. Imagine the harmony and unity that could be there but is yet not seen. See if there is a fragment of harmony and unity already there. Search for dominance in size and color. And seek the balance in the whole. Tomorrow is another day. I will try again.


  1. I don't see this arrangement as having "fatal flaws" at all. It's reading about equal to and purple. I like the relaxed composition...very pretty. You've got the eye. You're going to have fun with this!

  2. Love this time of year for the flowers I can bring inside. How fun to be playing with flowers. Your arrangement has a wildness about it that I love.

  3. Is there a wrong way to arrange flowers? They always look beautiful, even plunked in a vase, unless over crowded. I'm not a great arranger myself, and trust the flowers to take over. Yours is very pretty.

  4. I think you just cannot beat flowers as art, La Tea Dah. They are colorful and generous gifts from Mother Nature. Susan

  5. I agree with your other commenters...your flower arrangement is lovely! (Oh dear...I am happy that you cannot see my attempts!)

    Thanks for visiting Thinking About Home and leaving your sweet comment...yes, we did have a wonderful time!


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