Sunday, June 02, 2013

l a v e n d e r * l o v e * k i t t y

The small, cultivator lavenders are in bloom. I love their vivid color and sweet fragrance. It is natural for me to swipe my hands through the plants as I walk by them in the garden. The fragrance clings to my hands and I enjoy the soothing and tranquil smell. Although they do not have stems as long as the Grosso lavender, a good selection could be found, so I decided to cut some stems and create something. A small cluster of lavender in hand was carefully arranged. I secured the cluster with a small rubber band, right below the blossoms. Then, I measure down about 2 inches and marked the stems with my thumbnail. At that mark I folded each stem upwards, leaving a sharp crease but not cutting the stems into pieces. A length of ribbon was used to weave in and out of the stems, creating a "basket" of lavender blossoms. I added a piece of ribbon around the base and at the top of the basket. A bow was tied and added to embellish. It was a fragrant craft! So small and cute! It's drying now, and once dried I will adhere a small magnet to the back. It will become a fridge magnet so that it can be enjoyed for years ahead. Have you ever made a lavender basket?

The rest of the cut lavender was formed into a small bouquet and place into a milk glass vase. This is a 'no water' bouquet for me. The lavender will dry in the arrangement and can add charm to a shelf or sill for weeks to come. More of the striped lavender ribbon was used to tie around the neck of the vase. Old kitty was happy to see me in the garden and came to say hello. Meow!

Can you see kitty peeking past the lavender bouquet?

Lavender is in the mint family, as is cat mint (catnip). I wonder if Old Cat was as interested in me as in the lavender? I like to think he was. He's such a sweet kitty.

Do you grow lavender? Is it blooming yet? June is the month for lavender to bloom around here. The spring flowers of May will now be accented with an abundance of lavender in June. I can hardly wait!


  1. My lavender is not quite in bloom but I enjoy running my fingertips along the leaves to get a nice whiff whenever I go by my plants. This summer I am planning on adding a few more varieties to my garden; probably the French variety that blooms with blossoms that look a bit like bunny ears.

  2. Have not made a lavender basket, but have made a wand. Our lavender is just beginning to bloom and so pretty. A little girl in our neighborhood is afraid to walk to our door when they are in bloom because they attract so many bees. I just love running my hand through the plants too, but avoid if there are bees nearby. They are just beautiful!

  3. No, I have had no luck growing lavender. And I have not made anything more than little bouquets for vases. I do think it smells nice in small bundles because I find it overpowering otherwise. Your project sounds delightful.

  4. I have a hedge of lavender at the front of our house and separate plants here and there. Because my mulch is crushed brick, the lavender is happy and self seeds freely.
    I've not made the baskets before but I do cut bunches for dried bouquets or just wrap ribbon around the stems to hang.
    My lavender should bloom this month but we've had so much rain lately and no hot sun so it's not as robust as previous years.
    Nice post on one of my favourite herbs!

  5. Ohhhhh, pretty kitty and lovely lavender. Susan

  6. I haven't had any luck growing lavender, so I especially enjoyed seeing (and practically smelling!) yours!

  7. I love how that lavender stems are wrapped. Very nice...


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