Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Bloom! Garden! Bloom!

No matter where one lives, it is important to slow down and learn to enjoy and appreciate the beauty that's around you. Gardens, parks, and landscaped buildings are a great place to go when seeking a bit of tranquility.

It is fun to learn the names of plants. Often, gardens have small plaques that identify them. And it is interesting to observe how the garden designer placed and spaced plants in the garden. With thought, it's easy to see how they used the principles of design in their plan. Balance, proportion, rhythm, emphasis, and unity are all considered when designing a beautiful garden.

I also enjoy observing how designers and gardeners choose plants native to the locale. Grasses, cacti, and succulents accent beautiful flowering shrubs and flowers where I live. What kinds of plants are local to your area?

Pretty river rock, decorative stones, and chippy bark work together to create a dry river bed. Dry river beds works well in many climates. Other gardeners prefer ponds and fountains with the soothing sounds of bubbling waters that flow over rocks and falls. No matter what the choice, gardens can be a soothing to both the gardener and the observer.

Public gardens are common and enjoyed everywhere. The Bloom IQ website shares a map which identifies many public gardens by state. Check it out! Find your state and see what's there.

Public gardens are great sources of information, ideas, and inspiration. Walking through them or viewing them from a blanket on the ground as you share a picnic lunch with someone you enjoy is a great way to observe their beauty. 

What is your favorite public garden? How many have you been to that are on this list?


  1. My favorite garden is not on the list oddly enough. It would be a terribly limited garden if only what was native grew there...perhaps some ferns, wildflowers, and rugosa.

  2. I've been to 2 in Washington and 2 in California. I'm going on a Secret Garden tour this Saturday in Lake Forest park. Private home gardens...

  3. Thank you for the reminder to slow down and smell the roses and see the gardens! I'll check the website and find more nearby.

  4. What a fun map to look at. Of the 8 mentioned for Oregon, I have been to 7 of them, plus several in California and Washington. We always search out gardens when we travel, such a beautiful focus. The last rose looks like a rugosa in our garden.

  5. Oh, I am going to have to go check this out immediately! The prettiest public garden I've ever seen was the Garden Door in Door County, Wisconsin. It's designed by the Master Gardeners there and is just exquisite--with a pond garden, knot garden, spiral herb garden, butterfly garden, fairy garden and more--truly something for every garden lover!


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