Monday, June 03, 2013

Quilt Guild & Teapot

This month I am hosting the traveling teapot, a project where like-minded women  host a teapot for a month and share of its adventures. The traveling teapot has been on the road for fourteen months now. So many have blogged about the teapots adventures. I invite you to meander over to that blog today and catch up on some of the interesting things the teapot has been doing. Below is the post I wrote for the Traveling Teapot blog today.

The little plum teapot went to Sassy Quilters guild meeting at the Grange Hall today. It was a busy sewing day, and the teapot did a good job as ambassador of tea.

The guild makes dozens of quilts for charity and gives them away to people in the community who are facing illness or who've experienced loss by fire. The guild recently gave four quilts to members of a family whose house burned down. Realizing that the quilt reserves were low, it was decided that we'd concentrate on building up the stash again. Someone had donated batik fabric to the guild, so it was decided to use it to make charity quilts.

The process is interesting, as these are truly scrappy quilts. Complementary prints were paired and stitched into 4-squares. Then, they were laid out on the floor and the ladies designed on the fly! Two queen-size quilt tops were completed in this fashion today.

Someone had also donated Sunbonnet Sue quilt blocks to the guild and Louise took them home last month. She brought them back today, stitched into two pretty baby quilts. They will go into the donor stash for charity.

And the Quilt of the Month blocks are steadily increasing as well. This month fifteen were added to the stash. So far we have enough for six charity quilts and we are only half-way through the year. By the end of December we are hoping for enough blocks to make a dozen or more charity quilts. Each month guild members are given a pattern for that months block. It is always fun and interesting to see what color and pattern combinations they create. Each seems to express the personality of each individual so well.

Lunchtime is always potluck. Today's theme was salads and the traveling teapot's story was told around the luncheon table. The tea today was Darjeeling.

I captured Beulah going through line. She is the gracious hostess of each month's business meeting where she always has snacks for the group. She also makes delicious cinnamon chip scones for each month's sewing day and potluck luncheon. Everyone loves her tradition!

Today they went so well with tea!

The little plum teapot today served a group of ladies who have inculcated altruism and exhibit it so well. They have learned that it really is more blessed to give than to receive. I'm so glad the teapot was able to serve them today.


  1. Oh, looks like lots of fun, La Tea Dah. Gorgeous quilts. Scones look great, too. Thanks for sharing. Susan

  2. Wow, love that last quilt!

  3. What a fun time you all had with the plum teapot. The quilts are gorgeous, such creativity and workmanship.

  4. What a fun post, and I love how busy the guild is making those charity quilts. Wonderful! (And now you have me wanting one of those cinnamon chip scones, which look quite delish!)


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