Friday, June 28, 2013

Quilt Hoppin' with the Traveling Teapot

The month is coming to an end. My days as host and blog author for the traveling teapot are nearing the end. The little teapot has kept me very busy! But I've enjoyed the experience and the way that the little plum teapot opens doors for conversation with people along the way.

Recently Karleen took us along on a trip to a quilt shop so she could get her beautiful kaleidoscope quilt machine quilted.

We met some lovely tea ladies along the way.

You can read about our adventures on the Traveling Teapot blog. Just click the link and we'll see you there!



  1. She seems like such an unassuming little thing...

  2. Love the colors in that bright quilt! And it looks so pretty beside the teapot!

  3. It looks like the plum teapot had fun with the quilts! I am trying to catch up on blog reading today after travels.

  4. Well now I know why you had the teapot at the lavender farm. :) Fun! Best wishes, Tammy


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