Monday, June 10, 2013

Random Thoughts for Today

Have you been blogging for awhile? Isn't it fun to read blogs that are organized, about a theme, or that show pretty things? Over the years, I've found that blogging has become more and more sophisticated. The simple web journal has become something that competes with blogs written by journalists, photographers, crafters, decorators, and foodies who present their thoughts and ideas so professionally. I love visiting them! But mostly I enjoy visiting blogs that were started at the grass-roots of this trend. Blogs from like-minded people who enjoy sharing bits and pieces of their everyday lives. Because blogging has become more sophisticated, it sometimes puts pressure on those of us who blog to write better, think better, and present better. Sometimes I have to remind myself of the thoughts of Vee who taught me that it is okay to "blog without obligation". I take that to mean that blogging should be fun, friendly, and informal. It should be a joy and not a task. I have always appreciated Vee's words of wisdom.

So today I am going to blog without obligation. My post has no rhyme nor reason. It is simply my ramblings as I share photos from my week-end and the fun I had editing them. Random. Cheerful. Sharing. Tea was taken at the park. The stone pavilion built in the 1930's is quaint and chippy. Enjoying a cup of tea with a loved one there was a memory making moment.

And then there are the roses in the garden. They are in full bloom, responding to the warm sunshine that has graced us this June. They can only be described as prolific! I've had fun cutting them and bringing them inside to enjoy.

A darling little grand-nephew came to visit at the end of last week. Such cuteness! He was sweet and had such a happy time smiling and laughing while we communicated with one another.

And a sweet daughter-by-marriage has been visiting and I've had fun doing girl stuff with her. Whether it is shopping for groceries or going for a pedicure or yard sale shopping, it's been a blessing to share these moments together.

The sunshine has been warm enough to create "summer" without being so hot that we don't feel we dare venture outside. Packing a bag with tea and sandwiches, sunglasses, and assorted odds and ends has made day trips special. Random thoughts. The fun of sharing --- without obligation.

Enjoy a wonderful week!



  1. Ahh...I love posts about whatever happens along the way...
    Looks like some lovely happenings around your place.

  2. Enjoyed your post. I love to hear a baby laugh and enjoy a cup of tea in a flower garden. I feel the same way about blogging,if it becomes like a job or chore, I get bored and have to stop a few days.

  3. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us today. I blog 'without obligation', too, dear friend. At first I felt I HAD to blog about something wonderful every day. Then I realized it's OK to slow down and be real. Loved seeing your beatiful daughter-by-marriage. She's a sweetie!

  4. Hello La Tea Dah....Blogging is my daily spurt of pure joy. I love writing my posts and I love reading others' posts. It could definitely get addictive (if I let it) but I'm pretty good about saying "Only 15 more minutes." ha haha

    Take care and have a good afternoon. Susan

  5. Guess that I'm NOT blogging without obligation these days. The comparison thing can throw one for a loop if she's not careful, which is when I try to remember the gist of that quote about the forest being a very quiet place if... Dawn at The Feathered Nest once told me to do whatever made me feel lovely and that has helped, too. Just now I'm feeling lovely being away. Now I quite thoroughly enjoyed reading these bits and pieces of your lovely life!

  6. Blogging without obligation is the perfect advise and I love your adventures with blogging. Wonderful photos and words. You are always at the top of my list.


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