Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Craftin' with Lavender

The lavender is beautiful in June! It's time to make lavender crafts! Years ago my children's Suzuki piano teacher taught me how to make lavender wands. She was a very special person, believing in embracing the whole child. Not only did she teach appreciation for music and how to play it well, but how to incorporate the little things of life --- like flowers, fine food, and beautiful art --- into one's scope.

After mastering the art of weaving lavender wands, it was easy to learn how to make lavender bottles, mussie tussies, and lavender baskets.

Today "the traveling teapot" and I teach how to make lavender wands --- step-by-step --- on the Traveling Teapot blog. You are welcome to stop by!


  1. Those are quite artistic!

  2. I love lavender wands, but alas, my attempts never look like the examples. Perhaps I'll try again with your instructions. It's almost time to harvest lavender here.

  3. Ohhhhh, they look great, La Tea Dah.Love them. Susan

  4. They are so beautiful, but my one attempt last summer with the lavender my sister brought me was laughable. It's not as easy as you make it look!

  5. Oh, I have *always* wanted to make lavender wands. If only I could get my lavender to grow!


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