Friday, April 19, 2013

The Weaving Studio

A trip to town took me to a shoe shop to look for a new pair of sandals for summer. It was a fruitless search in that regard, but it was a beautiful day, so I enjoyed some window shopping while I was out. As I was walking from store to store I noticed a sign pointing to a fiber shop on a side street. Colorful balloons fluttered in the breeze, doing their task at attracting attention to the arrow pointing "this way".

I was curious, as I'd never known of a fiber shop in town before. What a treat! The sign directed me to Sue's Weaving Studio. Inside the shop were handwoven goods of original design. Sue specializes in wool and rag rugs, wall hangings, tea towels, mats, and runners.

It was evident that Sue has a gift and a passion for the art of weaving! She shared that "when so much of modern life is overwhelming, weaving provides a sense of peace and harmony". I think she's right. Although I don't weave, I can remember watching my own mother work with the rhythm of a loom as she created mats and towels. They are cherished items in our family's linen closets. There's something about the repetition of motion and the click-clack of the shuttle as the weft is woven through the lines of the warp that create a feeling of well-being.

Setting up a loom for weaving involves wrapping the warp thread around a beam at the back of the loom. It is threaded in a specific order through the loom's harnesses and heddles, then through the reed in the beater and tied to the front of the loom.

Weaving is performed to a natural rhythm that flows from the repetitive raising and lowering of the harnesses and the thumping of the beater bar.

Sue teaches classes to adults and children. Additionally, she creates items to order and has some of her work available for sale in her show room. She was friendly and inviting during my visit.

The pattern reminded me of a musical score. It takes talent to read!

A loom was set up in the showroom, specifically for those who dropped in to try their hand at weaving. By the time the woven item is created it truly will be a communal work of art!

The combination of color, pattern, and texture work together to create a unique, one of a kind item. Sometimes the results even surprise the designer and creator of the woven project!

The journey down the side street resulted in reprieve amidst a busy day. I think it's true that colors, textures, and the soothing sound of the repetitive click and clack of a loom do provide one with a sense of peace and harmony --- even if someone else is the one weaving and you are the observer. The experience made the afternoon so pleasant. 


  1. When you find those sandals, I hope that you'll share! I, too am looking for a pair of comfortable, supportive pair.

    What a sweet find for you on a shopping afternoon.

  2. Now this is a lovely stop in your shopping day. When I first moved to Portland I took weaving and spinning classes. Both are indeed soothing and wonderful. I would love visiting this shop. Shoes can wait for another day. It is hard to find just the right sandal that is comfortable and looks the way you want it.

  3. What a fun and informative adventure you had.... grat photos!!!!

  4. I'm always impressed with those who are so patient with the task of weaving and knitting and quilting...etc. etc.

  5. I'd consider this to be one interesting detour while shoe shopping. Your photos express and highlight all the muted colors of the threads. I can almost hear the peaceful rhythm of the loom as I read.

  6. How wonderful to come across this gem of a shop. I have to say, weaving on a loom to me was quite time consuming. I never finished the rug I started and just can't seem to get back into it so I've displayed it in my living room with a basket next to it holding all the supplies. It would take me at least an hour to do 3 rows and we were working on lap looms. But I certainly enjoy seeing the beautiful things are others are able to create through weaving. :) Best wishes, Tammy


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