Friday, April 26, 2013

For Calming

Funky Fennel Tea

This tisane works as a gentle digestive and calmer of nervous and anxious stomachs. Green fennel seeds work best, but brown or gray work well too. If you have green fennel fronds, they also work well for this tasty beverage.

2 - 4 Tbsp. fennel seeds (or a handful of fennel greens)
4 cups of boiling water
Honey or stevia for sweetening

Use a mortar and pestle to bruise the fennel seeds so that they release their fragrance. If using fresh fennel greens, squish them in your hands.

Place the seeds or greens in a teapot. Cover with boiling water and steep for about ten minutes. You can steep longer if you desire a stronger tea. Because this is a tisane, it will not become bitter with a longer brewing time.

Serve hot or cold. Sweeten if desired, but fennel has a natural sweetness that you might enjoy all alone.


  1. I made a tisane last summer from the spindly fennel fronds. It was great!

  2. I should plant some fennel. I enjoy that flavor and it's so pretty in flower arrangements.

  3. Thanks for participating in the tea trolley! I'm curious about this tisane now! I may have to try it!

  4. My husband came home with a bag of fennel seeds one time and I never knew what to do with it. :/

    Thanks for your recent comment to check on me. I had a very trying week but am on the upswing now.

    Have a great weekend. Tammy


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