Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Favorite Jam Tea

Sometimes it is fun to vary from the usual routine and try something new. Although I usually take my tea without any sweetener except for sweet leaf stevia, sometimes it is fun to add something else instead. Flavored honey sticks  are delicious added to tea, but they tend not to stick around very long, as they are found by those who live here and are enjoyed just the way they are. But, on most days a jar of jam can be found inside the fridge door. Jam makes a great addition to any cup of tea! It makes a cup of tea so delicious that the amber liquid will slide down your throat with ease! Kids love it too and it makes a fun addition to a children's tea party. Just remember to invite the teddy bears and dolls in the house. 

The recipe is simple and I'll share it here with you:

Jam Tea

1 cup of hot plain brewed tea (I like Darjeeling for this)

1 teaspoon of your favorite jam (try apricot, or grape, or strawberry, or even raspberry jam)

Stir together the hot tea and jam. The jam will melt into the amber liquid and you'll have a sweet treat to enjoy!


  1. Simple but WONDERFUL! You are so smart!

  2. I'm going to try this if I remember...

  3. What a great idea, La Tea Dah. I especially love raspberry jam. Now why didn't I think of that? Susan

  4. Sounds good. Did you know this is tradition for sweetening tea in Russia? When I was selling jams and did a bit of research I found that out.


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