Saturday, April 27, 2013

A Tree

What Is a Tree? 

What is a tree
Well doubtless he
Who dwells in city streets by choice 

May never know.
But souls that breathe expanding life outdoors
Know trees as brothers, friends; and feel aglow 
With kindred fellowship and common voice. 

Yes, bees do know
And birds have made
The trees their lifelong homes
And what is nearer or more intimately ours than home?

What is a tree? 
The soul of God! 
Whose budding leaves and blossoms in the Spring
Bespeak Creation.
Whose shade in Summer cools
The burning heat of life and brings us peace;
Whose bronzing colors in the Autumn landscape glow
With pride of fruitfulness, God's bounty, man's maturity.
Whose bare strong arms in Winter steadfast hold
Against- the ice and storms of life when courage sags
When green and sap of youth have lost their bold
Firm power and interest lags. 

What is a tree?
Oh! Yes, I know! 'Tis God.
'Tis His own way to speak His majesty,
His voice, His power, His love, His mystery.. 

G.T. Dunlop


  1. I walked this morning for an hour and a half and it is amazing how a little grove of trees can stir a refreshing breeze. Most of the way, I was just pounding hot pavement and breathing fumes from the passing cars, but every time I came upon some trees, there would be a breath and a breeze of fresh air. :) Have a great day. Tammy

  2. Hello La Tea Dah...I am so partial to trees. When one is cut down, I feel a machete in my heart. I identify with the aged ones, especially. Susan


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