Monday, April 22, 2013

A Very Impromptu Tea!

It was a mixed day of sunshine, rain, clouds, and brisk breezes yesterday. But the sunshine ruled for most of the day. Garden gloves, pruners, and a wheelbarrow were gathered to help me as I trimmed roses and lavender, pulled weeds, and spiffed up the flower beds. 

Nearly done, I went into the house for a glass of water and discovered a missed call on my phone. It was my friend, Tari. I called her back and she said she'd be passing by my house in about half an hour and asked could she stop by. Of course!

I swiftly changed my focus from gardening to making afternoon tea. It was definitely impromptu, plus! It was the end of the week-end and there wasn't a single slice of bread in the house! Time was of essence! I was about ready to resort to "just tea" when I remembered my blogging friend, Tammy, from T's Daily Treasures. She always creates simple and delicious looking tea times. So, I decided to create like Tammy! She truly inspired me.

Old London Melba Toasts and Wasa Rosemary Flatbread were in the pantry. Peanut butter and raspberry jam were found and spooned into little glass containers. Almonds, walnuts and dried apricots made a pretty mixture in Turkish nut bowls. And there was oatmeal cake that was quickly cut into squares and plated.  Adagio Sonata Ceylon was brewed and poured into a teapot and Tari's favorite teacups were found. She'd given them to me for a birthday one year, and when we have tea together, I always use them.

Things were ready to carry out to the porch table when she arrived. Whew! That was a quick put-together! Although it wasn't proper, nor fancy, it was wholesome and a perfect accompaniment to tea. We chatted for an hour or more, soaking in the sunshine, enjoying the tea time snack and friendship.

At some point during our tea time, our family pets found us, one by one. Two dogs and a cat, just hoping for a tasty morsel! So patient and quiet, yet with eyes one could not resist! The pets enjoyed tea time too!


  1. How sweet! Sounds like a wonderful tea time. I'm glad I could inspire! :) Sometimes we think we have to do too much or that things have to be perfect when in actuality it is the time spent with friends that is most important -- everything else is secondary, but I would definitely come to tea at your house anytime. :) Looks like lovely weather to boot. Have a wonderful day and a great new week. Blessings, Tammy

  2. How beautiful! Wonderful that you saw first the importance of time together, and not the "I'm not ready!" But I am super impressed at what you were able to come up with on the spur of the moment!

  3. What an absolutely delightful tea you prepared, La Tea Dah. I'm sure Tari LOVED everything. I know I would have! Susan

  4. Perfect! These types of impromptu teas have been some of my personal favorites.

  5. My first thought was this: she gave her friend old Melba toast?! Ha! Now I realize that "old" is part of the name. LaDonna, I want to be more like you. Must remember to gather in some hospitality items.

  6. Looks like you ladies had a great time. I love the bread and butter scene from the show Cranford. Do you remember it? One of the ladies offered bread and butter to her guest when she stopped by for tea. I think humble tea time fare is food for kings when it is served by the hands of a friend.

  7. What a lovely tea! I am sure your friend had a wonderful time and how thoughtful of you to use the teacups she gave you! A beautiful day and wonderful friends are such blessings! Thanks for sharing!

  8. I enjoyed the way you put a simple tea together and focused on time with your friend. There's a lesson I need to learn here!

  9. Now this is what tea time is all about. Just perfect! The best part is sharing tea with a friend in the sunshine.


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