Sunday, April 07, 2013


The teacup markings indicate that this teacup is:

~ Chikaramachi ~
Made in Japan

I appreciate the hand painting which is primitive and unique. Uneven swirls of a paint from a brush can be seen along the base and handle. Hand-painted gold flourishes and swirls add a fine touch, making this teacup and saucer set quite charming. The porcelain is fine and a luster of luminescence creates a pearl-like affect. This is the kind of teacup that reminds you of tea in an environment rich in silks, tapestry, and fine wood. It is a teacup that is inviting to hold and is perfect for any place with old world charm.

The logo on the marking is a crown and wreath. This mark was registered by the Nippon Toki Gornei Kaisha porcelain manufacturing company about 1928 and was used for several years. The company was on Chikaramachi Street in a village called Noritake, a small suburb naer Nagoya, Japan. Eventually the company grew and changed its name to Noritake Company, Ltd. (1981). 

The tea is a classic gunpowder green. It seemed the perfect choice to go with the teacup. It is made of leaves that are hand-rolled into tiny pellets. The pellets resemble gunpowder, which is how this tea got its name. This tea has depth of body and a slight hint of smokiness. Green tea is said to have great antioxidant and phytochemical qualities which are beneficial to health and wellness. Adagio Teas

Work continues on the floral quilt. The sewing machine is set next to a picture window so I can enjoy the spring sunshine and the garden flowers as I sew. I hope you enjoy a happy week!

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  1. I foolishly thought that the name referred to a type of tea. Such a pretty cup and I also thought for a moment that your quilt had become a table linen. I am now working on a small quilt that uses reclaimed bits of linen that had been embroidered with Japanese tea houses. If it turns out well, I will show you. See what an influence you are!

  2. It's so fun to learn about maker's names. You always learn so much! Such a pretty teacup as well. I am afraid I don't like gunpowder green...unless I add sugar! LOL! Not done, I know, but... Thanks for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!


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