Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Quilter's Show & Tell


One of my favorite parts of our "small town" quilt guild meeting each month is the "show and tell" by group members. Each person brings the quilts they created since last month's meeting, and with a group as prolific as ours, there's a lot to share and see!

Judy made this quilt which is just perfect for spring! Does it remind you of pinwheels and whirligigs?

She also made a table runner with showy machine-embroidered cowboy boots!

Debbie used "jelly rolls" for this darling quilt for her granddaughter. All the little critters are machine-embroidered and are SO cute!

Jane made this purple quilt for her painting instructor. Her teacher provided the large floral blocks, which at one time were curtains in her house! Recycle, reuse, love, and enjoy!

Jane got into "jelly-roll" mode and kids quilts because of Debbie's influence. Her comment about this kind of quilt is that it is "so easy" that she was able to make each top in an hour and a half. See the cute little bugs she machine embroidered in the corners?

Louise shares a pretty quilt she made for a grandchild.

 And look at this stunner! Detailed, patriotic, and showy! I think it's just lovely!


  1. These quilts are spectacular. What an accomplishment!

  2. Wow! How impressive. I don't sew so I'm amazed at the creativity and speed these ladies put a quilt together.

  3. Oh my goodness! What gorgeous quilts! Loved seeing them. Susan

  4. You have wonderful quilters right there in your group. They are all lovely.

  5. How fun! I am going to a quilt retreat next week! Cannot wait. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Gorgeous! In May there's usually a quilt show here put on by the Kuwait Textile Art Association. Hubby and I always look forward to going and seeing the fabulous quilts there. I especially love the smaller art quilts on display. Best wishes, Tammy


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