Monday, April 01, 2013

The Gurgling Fish!

It's always fun when a friend comes to visit. Tari's been my friend since we were 15 years old and met at piano lessons. Recently she came for lunch and we had a pleasant time visiting and eating together.

We have birthdays just days apart. Her gift to me is on the table. Can you guess what it is? It's the cobalt blue fish pitcher in the center of the table. It is so whimsical and more! It is called a GurglePot.

It was designed by Matt Ellison and with the pitcher comes this story:  "Years ago, I attended my brother's wedding in a small village in Southern France. Since there were no hotels in town, all guests were matched with French hosts. My hosts spoke no English and I spoke no French which made the dinner conversation a challenge. Long stretches of awkward silences were compounded by the fact that French dinners can last for 3 - 4 hours. There was, however, one saving grace --- a fish shaped water pitcher that 'gurgled'. I found myself drinking more water than wine so I could fill the silent room with 'gurgling' and unite the table with smiles."

The story of the GurglePot continues by Matt saying that he was "inspired by the lighthearted affect of the gurgling sound, I returned home and began sculpting my own version. Ten years, two kids, 15 molds and one typhoon off the coast of China later, I can finally share the GurglePot with you."

How fun it was to have the GurglePot on our luncheon table! It is true. It produces a delightful "gurgling" sound as trapped air is released from the tail after pouring. Gurgle. Gurgle. Smile!


  1. Your luncheon looks so delicious!
    The first time I saw a gurgling pot was at Tea and Tomes in Newport. I was fascinated. What a very thoughtful gift.

  2. What an interesting story about the gurgle pot. I do love cobalt blue! Happy birthday to you two! Best wishes, Tammy

  3. This mean looks fabulous - I would have gurgled too (in a good way) if I had been so lucky to be invited to this meal!!!

  4. I've seen those gurgle pots before but didn't know the history behind them. Fun. Your luncheon looks delicious!

  5. What a lovely lunch you had! How perfect----a loving, long-time friend, conversation and food! Perfect combination. Susan

  6. I could almost hear it...and smiled.

  7. Your lunch looks absolutley appetizing and the gurgle pot is fascinating. I hadn't heard of them before.


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