Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Mighty Leaf of Ginger Peach

Summer! Bring it on! 

Our family has been on a quest for cold, refreshing, healthy, no-sugar beverages. What started out as fresh squeezed lemon added to purified water and stevia has advanced to more sophisticated choices. Rylan has been experimenting with a variety of homemade beverages including kombucha (a healthy, brewed tea) and fresh ginger beer. 

Last night he pulled out a stock pot and filled it with water. I knew that he had some other concoction in mind. 

This time he was making Ginger Peach tea. He selected a tea from Mighty Leaf Tea Company. Their website describes this tea as:  

Organic Ginger Peach combines the best of spicy and sweet. Smooth black tea yields a full flavored iced tea with hints of ginger, spice and peaches.

Our silver tin is a great way to display and store your Ginger Peach Iced Tea. Reuse your tin by stocking up with our 10 count bag refills. Our silver tin and refill each contain 10 pre-portioned 1-ounce filter bags. Easy and fast to make, each 1-ounce filter bag makes 1 gallon of iced tea.

The tea bags are large, sturdy pouches. When the tin is opened, a spicy peach fragrance fills the air! Rylan brewed five gallons of Ginger Peach tea. Imagine five large tea bags all steeped to a perfect, puffy perfection! 

That is a lot of tea! But Rylan had a plan. After research and invention, he and his dad corroborated together and built a spiffy cooler, complete with carbonating unit and spigots for dispensing. 

Tea on tap! Refreshing for a hot, summer day! Thankfully, Rylan shares.


  1. I do like this Ginger Peach tea and it sounds quite good and refreshing.

  2. How long does that last at your place? What a fancy set-up!


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