Saturday, April 13, 2013

Spring Fever

Spring fever.
Sometimes it hits.
And you just have to do 
something about it.

So, on a trip to 
town to buy groceries,
I took the slow way home
just so I could stop by the feed store.

As I walked in
I was greeted with an inquiry
as to what I needed and how could 
I be helped. I replied with a smile and said
I was just stopping by so I could see the baby chicks.

No problem!
The salesman directed me to 
where the chicks were and then left
me alone to enjoy them. 
Peep, peep, peep. 
Chip, chirp.

It was such a simple thing, but I came home refreshed after my visit with the little critters. They brought back memories of similar stops to the feed store with my sons when they were young. The difference now is that this time a visit was enough. In days gone by, baby chicks, ducks, geese, or turkeys would sometimes come home with us.

Do you have spring fever?
What are you doing about it?


  1. My niece is getting six chicks very soon. I think I'll be visiting her a few times!

  2. Ohhhhh, La Tea Dah. How darling. I remember my paternal grandmother keeping a box of newborn baby chicks in the kitchen near her old-fashioned wood-burning stove.

    The pipe went clear up the wall on that old stove. Well, she had a light on the floor near the box, keeping them extra warm.

    How they peeped! That was many decades ago and the memory is still as clear as if it were yesterday.

    Glad you had fun!

    Spring fever? Oh yeah, I got it. Sat outside in the sun the other day, even though it was chilly.

    I'm itching for the farmers markets to open, too, so I can buy some spring flowers but it's too early. They'd freeze if I bought them now.

    So we stopped for ice cream instead and I had a scoop of butter pecan. It was delicious. I LOVE spring! Susan

  3. I am having some Spring fever for sure. I'm trying to capture as many sunshiny promises I can!!

  4. I love that you stopped by to see the babies. I know they were happy to see you. I just like to get out and walk.


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