Saturday, June 24, 2006

Simply Dishes

Dishes. Simply dishes.
Just like clothing, they change with the
fashion whims of those who design them.
By simply looking at a dish or plate,
we can usually identify the era in
which they were made.

The dishes in this picture
remind me of my childhood.
Grandmother collected salt shakers;
pairs of fish, chickens and roosters, or
windmills all ready to be filled
with seasonings of salt and pepper.

Mother crocheted dozens of
hot pads and table lines to go with the
pretty dishes on our table.
Over the years, she created many
beautiful table settings of china
and linens that were stored
away in themes, ready for a special event.

My sister and I had the
family assignment of dishwasher
and dish drier. Every day we would
dip our hands in soapy dishwater
or dry dishes and silver with
cotton tea towels. Wonderful memories
of a time for sharing moments in our
day or creating stories we shared
to entertain ourselves as we worked.

Dishes are pieces of family history and
heritage as well. My favorite pieces are those
given to me by my mother, my husband's mother,
or a dear friend. Two bowls from my husband's
great-great-great-great-aunt who lived through
the Civil War are imperfect in their perfection.
Aunt Pansy's porcelain tea set, or Grandmother's
milk pitcher take us back in time and tie us to our roots.

Dishes. . .always telling of who we are
and showing what we have become.

Simply dishes.

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