Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Gwen's Moments

Some of you may have noted the link on my site for "Devotionals with Gwen". Here, Gwen has shared comments related to the topic "Precious Moments with Jesus". Gwen is a dear friend who loves to write, and I have shared the technical aspects of her blog with her. She hasn't posted since March, but will be starting again, this time with a new focus. Her site is now called "Moments" and she describes it in the paragraph below. Some of you have asked about her writing and I'm glad to let you know that she will be resuming it as of now. Please take a moment to go to her blog. Comments are welcome and encouraging.

"Moments. Whether brief or extensive, moments are the ingredients of life. Precious moments, wasted moments, thoughtful moments, inspirational moments. Here I will be recording moments of my own journey which, for whatever reason at the time, seem worthy of transport from thought to page. You are welcome to come along! Gwen"

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