Thursday, June 29, 2006

Alternative Energy and Fun!

Yesterday was one of those days where thoughts of alternatives kept coming into my mind. Energy. The Oprah Show featured Hollywood stars talking about hybrid cars; those that use electric and gasoline as their energy source. Then, in the evening Marty and Levi came to visit and just happened to put Levi's go-cart in the back of the pick-up before they left home. Once here, Marty pulled it off the back of his truck so he could show Brent what he'd done to make the go-cart an economical vehicle to operate. Once gas motored, he's converted it to run on a small diesel engine. Then, instead of burning diesel in it, he's converted it to grease. That's right, grease! Levi's go-cart runs efficiently and well on old grease that Marty collects from McDonald's and other fast food joints. Instead of smelling diesel when the go-cart went around the yard, we could smell scents of french fries, hamburgers, and empanadas! It was an unusually pleasant fragrance, considering that the alternative, diesel, does not have a good smell! Marty also burns used grease and/or vegetable oil in their family car and is working on adapting his Dodge truck to burn it as well.

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