Sunday, June 25, 2006

Calm at the End of the Day

Today we left the heat of the valley for the coolness of the mountains. Our cabin day involved work and relaxation. Brent mowed and picked up branches from the forest floor that he burned in the fire pit. The boys helped awhile, went on a hike, and kicked back and relaxed. The foliage is perfect for harvest, so I gathered nettle leaves, strawberry leaves, and mullen to dry for tea. Lunches on the mountain are wholesome and filling; I enjoy cooking in my pioneer style kitchen. Water is hauled from home and there is no electricity, but the gas stove does a nice job of cooking our food and heating water for dishes. A walk in the woods ended a lovely day and we headed home. As is our habit, our carload played a game all the way home. Whomever saw the first of any wild animal 'won' a chocolate bar from Brent. We sighted a fawn, a cinnamon colored bear cub, and many mule deer. It was a good day!

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