Friday, June 09, 2006

Happy Birthday, Rylan

Eighteen years ago today, we were blessed by the birth of Rylan! And for 18 years, we have enjoyed his humor, affectionate nature, thoughtfulness, and diligence in all things. He's always cheerful and ready to lend a hand. What joy he brings to our home.

Happy Birthday, Rylan! Wishing you wonderful years ahead as you work to accomplish your goals and achieve your dreams!

Mom and Dad


  1. Another good looking son! Wow! I like their names too!

    Happy birthday, Rylan!

  2. A handsome young man. I got your message about lasanga, I don't have a good tried and true recipe. If you check out, I'll bet you'll find something. I've found the user rating/review system on that site to be very accurate for trying new recipes. Good luck!

  3. Thanks for the lasagna tip, Katie. I'll check it out. Nice to hear from you!!!!


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