Friday, June 23, 2006

Gracious Hospitality, Guys Style

Gracious hospitality has many forms and styles. Graciousness is defined as being kind and having warm courtesy towards another. It exhibits courtesy and politeness towards another; a 'nice gesture'. And it is all done with genuine pleasure and grace. Thus said, it was our pleasure to have Kyler as a guest in our home this week and to find something special for him to enjoy on his 19th birthday. Cars are something that all guys are attracted to, and the locals had a car show last evening, so we decided to attend in honor of Kyler. With cameras and walking shoes, we went to watch the parade of cars --- old and new. More than a hundred cars, with motors rumbling and polished to a high gleam, paraded down the streets for everyone to admire. Mustangs, Cobras, Cameros, T-Birds, Corvairs, Novas, and more paraded then parked in line on a closed off street for all to observe up close. Although the young guys enjoyed the show very much, I must admit that Brent seemed to enjoy it the most, as it took him down memory lane when he was a young guy with a car like these. . .an emerald green Mustang that kept the streets hot during college days. Fond memories. . .and gracious hospitality.

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