Saturday, June 24, 2006


Late this afternoon Brent, Rylan, and Kyler went out in search of buried treasure. Geocaching is an outdoor game where participants, called geocachers, use a global positioning system to help them search for and find buried treasure. Caches are hid by other geocachers in varied places throughout the world. Through the use of the Internet, coordinates to hiding places are given. A record of who found the caches is also listed online, as are clues for finding the caches. Rylan and Kyler found that there are three caches within a mile or two from our home. Twice last week they searched for one of these caches, but to no avail. Today they tried again, this time taking Brent along for the search. Along with the GPS coordinates, they took a photo of the view from the spot the cache was hidden. It had been posted online by a girl who found the cache about four or five days ago. And today they had success; Brent found the treasure hidden on a muddy bank, under a log. They signed the log book contained in the plastic container holding all the treasures and added their treasure to the mix; two computer disks of Linux software. Success at last! Such fun! The photo above shows the picture they took of 'the spot' where they found the treasure.

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