Thursday, June 22, 2006

Happy Birthday, Kyler

This week we have a friend staying with our family. Kyler is a fun guy whom we enjoy having around. He has quick wit, a friendly smile, and a helpful manner. We really appreciate his thoughtfulness and how he blends into whatever task is a hand. From lawn mowing, helping with dishes, or helping me take my car to the mechanic shop, he cheerfully assists. Today is Kyler's birthday; his nineteenth. This evening we took him to a vintage car show and treated him to dinner at Taco bell. And I baked him a Devil's Food Cake today; one with chocolate frosting. He thought it looked just right 'plain' and checked to make sure that there would be no flowers decorating 'his' cake. I smiled and told him that at 'my house' we always had flowers and that his would be lavender. Although he shook his head in disbelief, he went along with my creativity and let the flowers be on the cake until it was time to cut his piece. He drew the line when it came to eating them!

Happy Birthday, Kyler! Wishing you many 'sweet' years ahead. May God guide you as you step into adulthood; may your footsteps be established for Him.

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