Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Stitcher's Heaven

Thank you, Toshiko ~ for sharing your pictures and information with us! I especially enjoy looking at all the little details in these photos, so am posting them one more time. By clicking on the picture, it will enlarge so readers can see more detail. Browsing these shops sounds like pure delight! In the community where I live, fabric stores are closing one by one. No longer can we purchase yardage at House of Fabrics, Fabricland, JC Penneys, or private specialty shops. They've gone, one by one. Joann's came to town, but is now closing one of two stores here. Walmart arrived with three stores and lots of fabric (chasing some others away), but has now closed their fabric departments except for a few limited products. It's no wonder that I think that "Town of Fabric" is stitchers heaven!


  1. I was quite anxious to have a look at joanns while I was south but I was dissapointed in the out dated fabrics. . very dissapointed. I found one quilt store that I regret not purchasing a few yards. The store didn't look terribly promising on the outside and on our last walk I decided to go inside. . it was fabulous. . at Cannon Beach.
    The prices were quite good there but otherwise, with the dollar exchange I didn't buy a thing. .and my fabulous quilt fabric store in town .. will soon be seeing me again. We have a fabricland too .. but oh vey .. where do they buy their fabrics? I want things in style. .

  2. Look like some great snaps.

  3. That looks like a great place to shop and browse. Fabric stores in Australia have been disappearing for a while. Browsing dress fabrics at 1 of the 2 stores left near me, I found nothing at all that took my fancy and went home empty handed.


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