Saturday, April 25, 2009

Rest and Respite

When spring slips into summer and your life shifts into action mode, consider taking time to REST --- seeking escape in nature, in the simplicity of your garden with a cuppa tea can bring reprieve. There, be embraced in God's love and find respite for your soul.


  1. Excellent advice! I feel rested just reading this and looking at the pretty tea tray.

  2. Now this would have been a nice photo for the ATAA photo contest. Very nice!

  3. Anonymous9:36 PM

    I love your blog. It's like a feast for the eyes. There is always something pretty to see or something interesting to read...or both!

  4. Beautiful quote and picture. Clarice

  5. Another pretty picture, and lovely words!


  6. Just beautiful! I love tea cups~my mother-in-law started giving me a few from the family and her mother gave me a few too. I love that all the ones I have have meaning. I also love herbal tea!
    I live less than 10 miles from Celestial Seasonings and just recently went to the store they have there. Oh My! It is such a fun place with all kinds of tea cups and tea pots and little tea accesories! I know where I will be getting the women in my family gifts for Christmas:)

  7. Anonymous9:20 AM

    I really like your picture. Very pretty things!! I love getting out my pretty teapots, creamers, and such things.

    Tina Kay

  8. Beautiful picture and quote. Hope you are having a wonderful week. Nancy

  9. I like these thoughts. I tend to think of summer as the busy season, but it's so important to rest, too!

  10. How lovely!
    Embroidered flour sack towels have always been a favorite thing of mine, as well as beautiful china.
    You always make me feel so soothed.
    Thank you!

  11. Anonymous3:25 AM

    This is great advice.... Everything looks so lovely ♥


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