Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Kind of Harmony

"Beauty is a kind of harmony and concord of all the parts to form a whole. . .a certain relation and order, as symmetry, the highest and most perfect law of nature, demands."


*This teapot was made in Russia and has a special iridescent glaze on it. It was given to me by Rylan a few years ago. He ordered it and made a mistake on his order --- so received two teapots! But, they were not identical (one is pink with flowers) so both now have places of honor and each reminds me of his thoughtfulness.


  1. Such a lovely vignette...all the delicate blues and that teapot is beautiful and unique.

  2. I was there where your tea pot was made in St Petersburg. It was amazing. Several other items were made in that pattern.


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