Saturday, April 11, 2009


Easter week-end and sprouting greenery on hillsides and in fields coincide each year. It was the perfect day for a walk along the river. Although breezy, the weather was pleasant and comfortable. An old railroad bed has been converted into a trail that goes for miles and miles. It was easy walking along the river shore. But before long we couldn't resist leaving the trail to find pathways to the windmill and down to river's edge. There we found a large colony of terns, gathered together in the shallow of the river. Some flew overhead, and others could be seen diligently swooping and circling for fish. Off-shore, two large osprey nests were being constructed by two pair of osprey, large raptors that feed on fish. They were busy building the nests on the tops of tall poles. Although they had to fight against the breeze, their strength was evident as they carried branches and twigs longer than themselves through the sky from a nearby grove of trees. We observed one struggle to get it set on the nest when it missed its mark and the stick fell to the ground. Instead of flying down to get it, the osprey didn't miss a beat and flew off to get another from the distant grove of trees. Spring must be here; many kinds of birds were active today along river's shore.

The picture on the left shows an osprey bringing twigs to its nest. The picture on the top right shows the terns, but they blend in so well with the water, they are difficult to discern. The sagebrush is turning a lovely silver-blue, showing signs of spring growth.

Click on the pictures for a closer look.

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