Thursday, April 30, 2009

Marion, Mint, & Lime

The days are getting warmer, and a slushy cold drink sounded delicious this afternoon. The mint is growing in the garden, so I plucked a liberal supply and brought them into the kitchen with me. Frozen marionberries mixed equally with limeade were placed in the blender. A packet of stevia to sweeten (to taste) and a handful of fresh mint leaves were added. After blending until everything was slushy and smooth, this smoothie was put in glasses, garnished with mint, and served for a refreshing pick-up on the day. Yum! It was delish!


  1. We have a smoothie almost every day, I haven't thought about putting mint in one, I have some growing and will try it soon.


  2. Oh that is...just cruel!
    I LOVE marion berries, they are not available here.

  3. Marionberries? Never heard of them, which, of course, must mean that they don't exist. ;>

    That drink certainly does look heavenly. What a wonderful photo!

  4. I have never tasted a marionberry, but your smoothie looks delicious and beautiful too. I have just come for a visit by way of Vee's blog. What a wonderful place to visit. I will be back - often.

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