Monday, April 13, 2009

Spring Flowers

It is said that April showers bring May flowers. In that case, I am counting on a glorious May! Cool and drizzly weather has been giving much moisture to plants and shrubs this spring. The first of the spring flowers are appearing in my garden. Although the first daffodils are nearly done, the first tulips bloomed earlier this week. Tiny blue "forget-me-knots" are peeking out from their hiding places. The lilac trees are setting out buds and will soon burst into full colors of purple and lavender. Clipping a blossom here and there to use for table decor or arrangement is fun and so much nicer than a silk flowers used for decoration.

What flowers do you have growing in your garden? Do you clip them and bring them inside to enjoy? How do you display them?

I love the comments left for this post. Thank you for sharing how you enjoy spring flowers. I appreciate the great ideas from everyone!


  1. For Easter I cut some branches of my cherry tree and did a huge display. It was lovely and quite large. I wouldn't do it for everyday as the flowers don't last long, but it makes a beautiful pink display. The daffodils are in full bloom at my house, and the valley is filled with them. You will have to stop by and see my pictures and post from the bulb farm a few posts ago.

  2. Your flowers are so lovely! My rose bush in the front yard is in bloom. Big beautiful peach colored blossoms! I'm going to cut a few and put them in a white pitcher I have. Thanks for reminding me to do that!

  3. I think that sunshine I brought from California might finally arrive the end of this week :0)
    Around my place here in Wa. I have camelias, lavender, a hydrangea and a more wild rose bush. I'm not a gardener so I'm always pleased when they bloom again and don't die! :0)

  4. Oh do I love spring! I have a small sterling silver cup I am displaying grape hyacinths in. Mostly I am enjoying looking out the windows at the tulips, daffodils, cherry blossoms, primrose, clematis. The roses and lilacs all are sprouting, but no blooms yet. Camillias are all along the hedge of both sides of my house. Spring, when I can saw awwww, we made it through another bleak winter.

  5. Right now I have many orchids blooming on our back porch, purple ones, and white ones. I plan to post pictures of them soon.



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