Friday, April 10, 2009

Charming Country Kitchen

Have you ever noticed how a kitchen reflects the personality and interests of the cook? I haven't spent much time reflecting upon what types of kitchen each type of cook might prefer, but it would be an interesting subject to explore. I've been posting pictures of Terri's house the past few weeks, and today's post is to show you how Terri's personality is expressed so beautifully in her kitchen. If you had a chance to meet Terri, you would know that this kitchen is quintessentially Terri! She chose a simple palette of white cabinets and walls to showcase the many beautiful details she enjoys. Vintage, antique, and new all meld together perfectly to create a dreamy and cozy space for meal preparation. Gadgets, canisters, her signature green color, lace, and rose prints all work together in creating a space that is a joy to work in. I can just picture her baking cookies, cinnamon rolls, or savory soups in this lovely kitchen! Thank you, Terri, for giving us a peek into a space that reflects your personality so well.

Photos: Paula@2009


  1. It is an adorable kitchen and makes me ponder the layout. Thanking Terri, as well, for the glimpses into her delightful home!

    Have a good Easter weekend, LaTeaDah!

  2. Love her farmhouse sink! Great kitchen for sure..

  3. What a charming kitchen! I betcha she's a fabulous cook!

  4. A darling kitchen! Nothing better than a country kitchen, reminds me of my grandmother!

    How is your new kitchen coming along?



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