Thursday, April 30, 2009

Bucky the Flying Cat

Greetings from Bucky! He's a cat who's come into his own. Independent, yet very loving, he has taken to the outdoors with pleasure. He roams the acres, hunting as only a cat does. Sometimes little treasures are brought through the dog door, much to my dismay (and a feather mess). He can be found soaking up the sunshine in a sunny spot or wandering along a hedge line on a trail that he and Calli have formed in the lawn around the parameter of the yard. Recently he has discovered that the rooftop is a wonderful place to observe from up high. You can hear the pitter -patter of his feet sometimes as he wanders there. At other times he is sprawled on the warm tiles, enjoying the sunshine and a lazy nap. He's closer to the tree tops up on the roof. It's the perfect place to watch the birds! Of course then there are the times he wants down and cannot seem to remember how he got there. While washing dishes at the sink I will see his head peek down from the eves as he looks at me through the kitchen window. It's been decided that no one helps him down. Otherwise he won't help himself. Tree branches and the route up can also make a wonderful route down. But sometimes he gets too lazy to try that plan and takes the easy way: a flying leap! He finds the lowest point on the sloped porch roof and jumps off! None the worse for wear, he continues his adventures or comes into the house with a cheerful meow. Bucky is now the flying cat!


  1. Hi friend!! We have a handsome Siamese, too!! He is strictly an indoor cat, but is such a delight!!

    How are you?? Has Spring come into full bloom out there yet?

    I love the creamy background color you have and that lovely header photo!! I just love your flair for color and pretty things!

    Have a blessed day, and know that I prayed God's best for you today!!

    Hugs 'n joy,

  2. What a character Bucky is! You were certainly smart not to spoil him in getting down from the roof. He's a handsome fellow, too.

  3. I just read this to the kids and they loved it! We have two indoor cats that they enjoy playing with.

    My daughter wondered where he was sitting. I told her it looked like he was sitting in a tree.

  4. Yes I love cats too and would have them running around except my husband is allergic big time!


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