Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Wild Violets Bouquet

Todays Stitching-Up Wildflowers entry features a cross-stitched bunch of wild violets that I framed and gave to my friend, Gwen, for her birthday last March. This bouquet is meant to be cheerful on a dreary day. It is shown here with a little electric teacup and saucer lamp I learned how to make at A Place Called Home. It's made from a little clay pot, a teacup, a saucer, an electric candle light, fringe, a string of beads, ribbon, and hot glue. A bundle of lavender in a satin bag completes the little trio in this vingette.

Thank you to Elizabeth Joy for conducting the Wildflowers in Winter event. It's been fun to visit the sites of other participants and see what they are posting on the themes she assigned. If you haven't been to see who's participating and the links to their sites, be sure to take a break and stop by Wildflower Morning soon.


  1. Those darling framed violets are doing exactly what they were suppose to do!! I LOVE THEM!! Thank you again, my friend.

  2. Beautiful, both the tea towel and the lamp. Very creative.

  3. Anonymous4:37 AM

    I love the candle teacup set idea...and love the way you embelished yours with that fringe...cuteness!

    Happy <3 Day!

  4. What a sweet little lamp! I'll have to check that out for sure. Thank you!

  5. What a gorgeous lamp and the stitched violets are beautiful. I love the very name "wild violets." It's so evocative of a promising spring morning.

  6. Both are beautiful! I love violets!

    Happy Valentine's Day!


  7. After reading your Wildflowers in Winter posts I checked and found I could participate. I posted yesterday about my embroidered wildflowers.

  8. What a pretty vignette! I love the soft light.

  9. The wild violets are beautifully done, LaTea. The wild violets on my prairie are yellow and won't be seen for a long while yet. Isn't the "Wildflowers in Winter" event fun? I'm learning so much from all of you.


  10. Could you give us a little more direction in putting together the teacup lamp? I don't see where the clay pot fits in.

    I always enjoy your wonderful blog!

    Ruth Ann


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