Friday, February 01, 2008

Treasured Recipes

Have you ever taken time to appreciate the quaint and unusual things in daily life? Magazines and organizing gurus have a wealth of ideas for keeping a home immaculate and orderly so things can be found filed away at the tip of one's fingertips. That's lovely, but sometimes not nearly as interesting as observing things in homes that are well used, very loved, and practical. Efficiency is all in the eyes of the beholder --- and this recipe collection is no exception. I found this recently at the home of a dear relative and I was immediately drawn to it. Tattered and worn, it is a file-type book from the 1970's that has been used so much that the folders are torn and worn. Additionally, the covers are falling away from the folders. Yet, it's become a dear friend to the homemaker who owns this recipe collection. When I spoke of it to her --- in a most endearing manner --- she admitted to some embarrassment over it's condition, but went on to say that although she has tried to replace it several times, she loves how everything is organized in this system and that she knows exactly where everything is. As long as it holds together for her, I think it's perfect just the way it is --- quirky homemaking --- well-worn cards --- favorite family recipes handed down through generations. I hold this recipe collection in the highest regard. Although it probably wouldn't be approved by Martha Stewart, I've eaten many a dish prepared by recipes in this collection and it serves it's mistress very well. It's efficiency is perfectly matched to the delicious foods prepared from the cards it contains. I hope dear family member keeps things exactly as they are for a very long time!


  1. I have a box of recipes like that. It belong to my husband's Mother. We cherrish them so much.....Smiles to you...Mary

  2. What a special treasure! No need to change what works for her. And it's such a sweet pleasure to enjoy it with her. ~Adrienne~

  3. Anonymous5:56 AM

    What an amazing treasure! It draws a person in - I'd love to just take a peek at all the wonders the tattered files hold..

  4. I have recipes everywhere. Some in a recipe box. Some on papers filed in other cookbooks. Some online. Whatever works for for you!


  5. Anonymous9:03 AM

    I loved reading your insight into this topic. I'm drawn to the sweetness of keepsakes like this file. This is so much more interesting than a tidy box!
    Thank you
    Kathy b

  6. I couldn't agree more. I have recipes in a box that no one but me would ever find. That recipe file is a file of feeding a family with love.


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