Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The Merry Wren

"Amid the leafless thorn
the merry Wren,
When icicles hang dripping
from the rock,
Pipes her perennial lay;
Even when the flakes
Broad on her pinions fall,
She lightly flies
Athwart the shower
and sings upon the wing."

James Graham

View from my yard --- this week. The snow comes and goes. Just when we think it's gone for good, it snows again! All I can do is to try to 'savor the moment' and enjoy each day as it's sent from above!


  1. Please send some of your snow our way! We have had a very mild winter with little snowfall. My 5 y/o nephew is so disappointed. Nancy

  2. Oh my, that's a lot of snow!! We have weather in the 80s here in Florida!
    Come on down!


  3. So pretty...a true winter wonderland.

  4. We're having piles of snow like that here in north Idaho, too. I'm glad it keeps snowing off and on to keep it looking fresh. I just dread how long we're going to have to look at the dirty, slushy piles once they do start melting. I try not to think about that, and just enjoy how pristine it looks now.

  5. That is very pretty, and a lot of snow is right!

  6. I love all that snow!!! I am jealous!


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