Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Pretty Painted Wildflowers

This week Elizabeth Joy's assignment for the Wildflowers in Winter event is wildflowers in art. As I looked around my home for things that would fit into this topic, I again found quite a few things that fit the theme. Today I decided to post about painted wildflowers on ceramics or china.

The cream and pink heart-shaped serving bowl is one my mother made for me. Each year before my birthday she would usually ask, "what would you like for your birthday?". I would always answer the same way, saying "anything you would like to make for me". I always loved mother's handmade gifts the most. This bowl is the perfect size to contain a tossed or fruit salad, dinner rolls, or cooked vegetables. But I enjoy it the most in my lighted china closet when it's set on it's side so the painted design can be seen and enjoyed daily.

Another ceramic food container my mother made for me was this muffin tin with heart-shapes. Each hole is painted country blue to dramatize the shape and the surrounding areas are a creamy white. Mother painted tiny blue flowers and greenery that are scattered on the top surface.

And this is one of my favorite mugs. This china painting was done by a friend in Australia named Julie. We met years ago on a home-school support forum. She made this china painted mug for me one year as a birthday gift. I don't remember the name of the flower, but any Aussie readers could probably enlighten us. It is a well-known plant in Australia. I love the shading and muted colors that Julie used in her painted design.


  1. Anonymous5:22 PM

    What beautiful artwork and how special to have some by your mother. I love homemade gifts, too.

  2. Anonymous6:17 PM

    Those are all so pretty.

  3. What beautiful gifts from your mom, things you will treasure forever. Love the mug from Australia....

  4. Oh your mom did beautiful work on the heart shaped muffin tin .. so pretty.
    . .such treasures.

  5. Anonymous12:10 PM

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  6. Anonymous12:13 PM

    So pretty. I really could look at the muffin tin all day. Your mother was so talented. How wonderful that you have her creations to enjoy...

  7. It's wonderful to have things with such connection to family and friends.

  8. Adding to the enjoyment of an edible treat, is that of using something beautifully hand done by your mom and/or friend. What a nice way to relax: A cup of tea and a memory! :-)
    I feel as though I've just enjoyed a nice visit.

  9. I am so glad you entered my 200th post giveaway.

    As for the china painting...I totally love that muffin pan that your mother made you. So delicate and yet useful. Fun!

    Come back and visit often.
    Becky K.

  10. those are delightfully delovely.
    I dropped the wildflower ball - well I dropped everything for a couple of weeks. I may check out my house for wildflower art --- and try to get back into it.

    Your tea is inviting.

  11. No other Australian seems to have come to the party, so I'll tell you there are two plants pictured on the mug; gum blossom from a eucalyptus tree, and the little yellow balls are the blossom from a wattle tree. I think the English call it Mimosa.

  12. Your mom's handiwork is so easy to identify. Thank you for showing more of her loving craftiness to us. I miss her as I am sure your family does.


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